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What I'll be blogging about during WeblogPoMO 24

I've been thinking about what I can blog about during the whole month of May for WeblogPoMo 24 - it does start tomorrow after all! I think that I'll mostly be blogging about getting my genealogy blog set-up, along with perhaps my own personal mastodon instance - the two will be related. I really do need to do something with my genealogy blog, which currently is practically non-existent. So, this is a good excuse to do something about it.

I also thought it would be a good idea to talk you through my 'working out', so my thoughts behind why I'm doing something, as well as talking about what I'm doing. This will enable you to understand why I chose certain providers, or certain software to solve a particular problem. I will often find - when reading personal blogs - that their blog posts just say here's how to solve problem x, without giving you those all important thoughts as to why they came up with that solution in the first place. Which is great, if you want to find out how to solve a particular problem, but I sometimes I do wonder why did that blogger choose to solve something in a particular manner.

My blogging will therefore focus on exploring multiple hosting providers, blogging platforms, and how I went about achieving this on a technical level, and any other thought process that goes through my small brain. If that doesn't take me the whole month, there's plenty else that I can blog about! This sounds fun and interesting at least to me, and hopefully to you too.

So until tomorrow, when I'll lay out my grand-plans for what I would like to achieve with my genealogy blog set-up & mastodon!

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