🌶️ Chilli

Weekly Notes - Wk. 17/24

What's caught my attention this week - Wk. 17, 2024

ğŸ‘¨ğŸ»â€ğŸŽ¨ Andy Carolan's ko-fi webshop. Does amazing, custom User Avatars; see how cool my funky chilli one is? I'm totally thinking of asking him to do some more for me! At least 3, then I'm going to have some stickers printed. I won't apologise.

👨🏻‍💻 tinylytics Privacy-focussed web analytics for your websites. Reasonable price, nice company. Allows you to add kudos, country flags of visitors, monitor system uptime, and a hit-counter to your blog. All for $60 /year. Bonus.

🤖 PortKey. Fancy a single API gateway that you can use to connect to multiple AI APIs - think ChatGP, Anthropic et. al? Allows you to access various AI LLMs, by supplying your own ChatGPT/Anthropic et. al. API keys, so you only get billed for the AI tokens that you actually use. Free for personal use. Not used this myself yet, but certainly looks like this is going to be a future side-project for me.

🤖 Hugging Chat is an iPhone app, giving you free access to multiple open source AI LLMs. Not sure if it's available on Android. Developed by the Hugging Face people.

💻 uber-space. Another cool site I've come across. Want to pay what you want for VPS hosting? Why yes, with this VPS hosting company you can. Not used myself, but I'm itching to do so.

📝 Micro.blog. If I wasn't using bearblog.dev for my blog. I'd almost certainly be using this.

💻 echofeed. Want to automatically push your blog-posts to mastodon, micro.blog, and others? This app is the 'glue' that you need. Also cross-posts to other services too. No brainer.

👨🏻‍💻 /uses. A list of /uses pages detailing developer setups, gear, software and configs. Trying to work out what software goes naturally together, because that's what people actually use to develop 'stuff'. Check it out.