🌶️ Chilli

WeblogPoMo - May2024

I'll be joining WeblogPoMo - May 2024!

Now, I haven't written too much on my blog so far, but I'd like to do more. When I heard about @anniegreens WeblogPoMo, I figured I would go ahead and join in the fun!

WeblogPoMo stands for Weblog Post Month, and every day of May I'll be writing and publishing a blog post. Some of my posts maybe shorter than my usual length, and some maybe longer; I'll be blogging every day so time maybe limited. You can follow along by subscribing to my blog with RSS, or following me on Mastodon. Blog posts will be auto-posted to Mastodon thanks to @rknightuk's fantastic EchoFeed app.

For more information check out Annie's post on their weblog, and feel free to sign up by going to this link here! I'll see you right back here on May 1st.